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  • If you really want to learn about my life and work, you can read my autobiography, which appears after the list of writings and such at this site.
  • My husband and I had great adventures in Scotland, and I wrote an article for our local paper about our experiences with castles. You can view it at
  • We also visited the fascinating Mediterranean island of Malta; click here to see that article, which has lots of my photos.
  • Art Workshop uses Nature as Inspiration
    Article from the Missoulian describing the creative workshops I’ve done with my friend and colleague, artist Deborah Milton.

  • History Meets Zoology
    In June, 2003, the bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark trail was well underway, and reporter Daryl Gadbow of the Missoulian inverviewed me about my three books exploring the Lewis and Clark Trail.

  • Q&A interview
    This interview from KidsBookshelf covers some fun information from my childhood.


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