I’m delighted with the reception for my latest dog book “Made for Each Other: Why Dogs and People Are Perfect Partners”!  I had great fun working on this project.  I got to meet lots of wonderful people and adorable dogs, and I love the result of all the effort that went into the edit and design–take a look and see for yourself!

The reviews are enthusiastic:


Patent’s text burbles with liveliness, and the book is energetically designed with plenty of color, different-sized type, text bullets, and photographs.


Irresistible photos of babies, puppies, kids, and dogs (plus a few token adults) happily frolic across pages as three main sections explore the relationship between people and dogs.

The engaging cover will make this a natural draw for dog lovers, but be sure to promote this as a STEM title, too.

School Library Journal:

The well-researched narrative is presented in an understandable and friendly, yet authoritative, voice…..It has been said man’s best friend is a dog, and this book about canines is sure to make fast friends with young readers.


The book has three parts.  In the first section, I compare dogs with their wolf ancestors.  I also examine how the jobs dogs do for us so willingly originated in natural wolf behavior. The second section goes into the science of the dog/human relationship.  Fascinating brain-study results show how dogs and their humans respond similarly to positive stimuli such as the sight and touch of one another. Section three feaures some of the dog/human relationships that have come about recently as people have realized how much dogs have to offer them.

The favorite part of research for this project was visiting the laboratories in Vienna and Budapest where researchers study our close and special ties with our canine companions.

I think you’ll love the book and enjoy the many adorable photos of dogs and their people enjoying life together, and you’ll learn how we’re truly made for each other.

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