Teacher Resources
From time to time, I develop handouts on ways to use my books and their subject matter in the classroom.

California teacher Charity Allison-Jara prepared an excellent set of Comprehensive Lesson Plans for Grades 4 and Up for “Saving Audie: A Pit Bull Puppy Gets a Second Chance.” SavingAudiePlan to download the pdf.

The Lewis and Clark expedition began the westward expansion of the United States. For ideas on how to use Lewis and Clark in the curriculum, including suggestions for history, geography, language arts, science, and research skills, along with a list of useful references, click here >>

For ideas on using Lewis and Clark in the science curriculum, including suggestions for paleontology, geology, and biology, click here >>

My book “The Right Dog for the Job” follows the life of Irah, a golden retriever puppy who started out being trained as a service dog for the physically challenged but ended up as a perfect Guide Dog for the Blind. His puppy raiser, Sandy Welch, is a 6th grade teacher, and she developed a classroom unit for her students.