Dorothy Hinshaw Patent

Dorothy Hinshaw Patent

Sharing the Amazing Natural World with Young Readers

Welcome to my Website!

I’ve always been fascinated by Nature, and I love being able to share my curiosity and knowledge about life on Earth with readers. iNK! my group of nonfiction authors for young readers that provides the daily Nonfiction Minute for classrooms has dubbed me Nature’s Animal Ambassador. I love the title and this emblem, showing me holding a baby Tasmanian devil.

My love of Nature inspired my education by resulting in a Ph.D. in Zoology.  Instead of becoming a college professor or researcher, I decided to focus my career on sharing my love and knowledge with young readers.  On my site you can learn about my nonfiction science books for children and my experiences as an ever curious author.

I’m also a teacher, and I’m creating an online course for frustrated writers who have trouble sitting down putting their ideas into words. Take a look and get a free, fun writing exercise.

~ Enjoy, Dorothy

Write Your True Voice
Do you want to share your experiences through writing but have trouble getting your thoughts and ideas written down? I can help you! Check in here to request a free sample exercise and learn about my new online course.
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Lizard Evolution–New Book on the Way!
In December, my third Scientists in the Field book "The Lizard Scientists: Studying Evolution in Action" will come out.  It follows scientists studying evolution in...
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Pika Country: Climate Change at the Top of the World
Here's my latest book, Pika Country: Climate Change at the Top of the World.  I've been working on this project for a long time, and now it's be available to everyone!
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At Home with the Beaver: The Story of a Keystone Species
This book's text and gorgeous photos show how beavers create an environment for thousands of living things. Their ponds become homes for microscopic life, fish, birds, turtles, and more.
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Saving the Tasmanian Devil
Learn how scientists are studying this unique species to help it survive an unusual kind of cancer that has been ravaging the Tasmanian devil populations. They study the genetics, ecology, and immunology of the devils to unravel the disease's secrets.
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Call of the Osprey (Scientists in the Field Series)
Young readers can peer into the private lives of these powerful birds as they feed and protect their chicks with gentle care. They'll also learn how scientists are using osprey chicks to study contamination in a river from heavy metals from earlier mining.
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Explore my site

Here are some pages on my site you might find interesting. Go ahead and explore.
Homesteading: Settling America’s Heartland
Congress passed the Homestead Act in 1862, and President Abraham Lincoln signed it. Homesteaders had to build their home and plow at least 20 acres for crops to "prove up" the claim to get full ownership of the property. Then even the poor could own land if they worked hard enough.
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When schools aren't open--no field trips, no biology classes-- nature-loving city kids don't need to feel deprived--they've got piegons!   They don't need to go that far to watch nature in action--the windowsill or sidewalk edging can show you wildlife in action, as pigeons forage for food and male pigeons display, strut, and coo in hopes of finding a mate.
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Garden of the Spirit Bear
Artist Deborah Milton and I traveled to the wild islands of British Columbia to experience the habitat and life of the Kermode bear, a rare subspecies of the American black bear that often produces creamy white cubs.  They are not albino; their eyes and skin are dark.  This rarity lives only in this temperate rainforest.
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The Inspiration for “Dogs on Duty”
The inspiration for book topics can come in surprising ways. When U.S. Navy Seals Team Six killed El Quida leader Osama bin Laden, the crew included a military working dog. When people learned a dog was involved in the raid, they wanted to learn everything about it--what breed, gender, and what work such dogs do.
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Dorothy Hinshaw Patent, who writes Nature, animal, and history books books for young readers suggests a great learning resource.

She is an author for the Nonfiction Minute, which has has FREE online 400 word stories about fascinating science and history topics for students. Each week day a new post.  Each story also has a recording of the piece by the author and suggestions for further learning.  Take a look!