When day begins, prairie dog pups are eager to come out to play.

My latest book, At Home with the Prairie Dog, tells how this appealing small animal is vital to the health of prairies. Its burrows provide refuge for other animals from beetles to rattlesnakes and burrowing owls. The fresh grass growing around  burrows is nourishing food for grazers like bison. Altogether, 150 different kinds of animals have been found in and around prairie dog burrows!

This lovely trailer provides a good overview of how prairie dogs help other prairie animals survive and thrive.

Here’s what Kirkus says in its review: “The book sketches a prairie dog’s day, from the emergence of a female at daybreak…….The pictures are stunning. They fill every page in a patchwork of landscapes and close-ups with sharp details and discreet labels (horned lark, killdeer, pronghorn, and much more), letting us stroll invisibly through the inhabited prairie.  A visually engaging introduction to a keystone species.”

When two members of the family come together, they may share a kiss.

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