My passion is not only my love of the natural world and how everything interacts in the dance of life, it’s also passing on that enthusiasm to others and helping them to express their own passions and experiences to others using clear and engaging language.  I’m a longtime member of a critique group of successful authors, and I’ve taught workshops and classes for interested people in various aspects of the writing craft, from finding your own voice through writing to how to use tools like metaphor and active language.  And as an author, I know how to step back from a fresh piece of writing to see how to make it better, whether it’s my own work or the work of a fellow author or a client who wants editorial help.  As you can see above, I can even provide myself with many ideas for change.

If you are a writer or a person with an online website who can use advice honing your text to make it more appealing to readers or prospective clients, check out the page on my editorial work, including a list of common errors that often trip people up when they are writing.

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