My Visit with Eclipse The Bus Riding Dog

Eclipse, the star of my book “Dog on Board: The True Story of Eclipse, the Bus Riding Dog,”  died in late October. I want to share more about my visit with Eclipse and Jeff, her person. Eclipse was a very patient dog.  When Jeff and I sat to have coffee …

Dog on Board: The True Story of Eclipse, the Bus-Riding Dog

ISBN13: 9780399549885     ISBN10: 0399549889 Publisher: Crown Books for Young Readers, January 2016 Eclipse, Seattle’s bus riding dog, died in her sleep in late October.  She had been sick, and she was old after a busy and happy life with her person Jeff.  My book, Dog on Board, tells her story.  Take a look for …

Lizard Evolution–New Book on the Way!

My new book “The Lizard Scientists: Studying Evolution in Action” is coming out on Dec. 13. If your family loves reptiles or is fascinated by evolution, this book, illustrated by abundant photos, is for you. You’ll be amazed to read how scientists studying lizards on Caribbean islands are discovering how …

When the Wolves Returned: Restoring Nature’s Balance in Yellowstone

In 1995 wolves were brought back to the Yellowstone ecosystem after an absence of about 70 years. Since then, the wolves have thrived, and the ecosystem has continued to become more diverse as other keystone species such beavers are returning and adding new habitat for a huge variety of living things.


When schools aren’t open–no field trips, no biology classes– nature-loving city kids don’t need to feel deprived–they’ve got piegons!   They don’t need to go that far to watch nature in action–the windowsill or sidewalk edging can show you wildlife in action, as pigeons forage for food and male pigeons display, strut, and coo in hopes of finding a mate.

Garden of the Spirit Bear

Artist Deborah Milton and I traveled to the wild islands of British Columbia to experience the habitat and life of the Kermode bear, a rare subspecies of the American black bear that often produces creamy white cubs.  They are not albino; their eyes and skin are dark.  This rarity lives only in this temperate rainforest.

The Inspiration for “Dogs on Duty”

The inspiration for book topics can come in surprising ways. When U.S. Navy Seals Team Six killed El Quida leader Osama bin Laden, the crew included a military working dog. When people learned a dog was involved in the raid, they wanted to learn everything about it–what breed, gender, and what work such dogs do.

Editorial Help from Dorothy

I enjoy working with other writers to help them succeed in expressing their own passions and experiences to others using clear and engaging language. as an author, I know how to step back from a piece of writing to see how to make it better, whether it’s my own work or the work of a client who wants editorial help.