A charming black dog named Eclipse is the star of my book “Dog on Board: The True Story of Eclipse, the Bus Riding Dog.”  One day during my visit to Seattle to meet her and her best friend Jeff, we strolled along the edge of the park.  Eclipse wandered onto the grass under the big old trees, sniffing her way through the aromas left by other dogs, squirrels, children, and whatever other living things had preceded her in passing this way.

Overhead, a crow began to scold loudly–“This is my home, big beast, get out of here!”  I realized that the crow probably had a nest to defend–it was springtime after all, when most creatures raise their families.  Eclipse, being a dog, reacted in a completely different way to the challenge.  Aha, one of those black birds!  Just the best kind of noisy creature to chase away.


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