ISBN13: 9780399549885     ISBN10: 0399549889

Publisher: Crown Books for Young Readers, January 2016

Eclipse, Seattle’s bus riding dog, died in her sleep in late October.  She had been sick, and she was old after a busy and happy life with her person Jeff.  My book, Dog on Board, tells her story.  Take a look for book details, and watch the video, from Seattle’s KOMO TV, and this one, from the King County Department of Transportation.  You’ll fall in love with Eclipse, just as I did when I met her. I share moments from my visit to meet Eclipse in my post My Visit with Eclipse The Bus Riding Dog.

I join Eclipse as we ride to her favorite place, the dog park.
I joined Eclipse to ride the bus to her favorite place, the dog park.

Eclipse knew where to catch the bus and where to get off, all by herself, with no help from her proud human companion, Jeff.  Eclipse loved going to the dog park to play ball with Jeff and to visit her friends, so if he got distracted when the bus arrived, Eclipse would just hop on board, get off at the park, and greet her canine friends while she waited for Jeff to catch up.



Jeff let Eclipse know she needed to drop the ball so he could throw it again for her.

Because Eclipse became famous, Jeff made sure she didn’t get ahead of him, so they always traveled together or with another human friend.  Once they got to the park, Eclipse was eager to play ball, but she had to drop it for Jeff first!




Greg and Jeff chat as we stroll through Seattle.
Greg and Jeff chat as we stroll through Seattle.

She also enjoyed exploring her hometown, visiting her favorite sites such as the store, Mud Bay, where she always got a treat, or Pike Place Market, where she could sniff out treats from the stores.  Between stops, Jeff, Eclipse, my husband Greg and I, strolled along Seattle’s streets exploring this delightful city.

You and your kids can follow Eclipse through a busy day in her home town through “Dog on Board The True Story of Eclipse, the Bus-Riding Dog.




    1. Hey, Shirley, I got your message and might be able to help you. Are you aware that Eclipse passed away about a week ago? She was old and had cancer and died in her sleep. I have moved from Montana to Hawaii and left most of my ‘stuff’, including extra copies of my books, in storage, so I have no extra copies. I checked online and also couldn’t find a copy; my web master said that when a book subject dies, “entities” buy up all the copies of the book, so that’s probably what’s happened here. However, my photographer, Bill Munoz, said he might have or be able to find a copy and said I could send you to him– Good luck!

      Dorothy Patent
  1. I would like to purchase 3 Dog on Board books. Our 2 doggers, 4 lb Yorkies, met Eclipse at The Dining Dog, when the owner of the Dining Dog, invited him to be her guest for a 4 course meal shortly after she learned of Eclipse. We were there that day. I purchased 2 books then. One for the class I was working in at the time and the school library. Recently visiting with the owner of The Dining Dog , within days of Eclipse’s passing , we talked about meeting him. Since I have searched high and low looking for a copy of your book. Only able to find in ebook. I would like to give one to Dorothy who owned The Dining Dog, one for me to keep on hand and one for a friend. I hope you have connections where I can purchase Dog on Board. Many thanks. 🥰

    Marsha Makin
    1. Hello Marsha,
      I’m sorry to say that I don’t have any more copies of Dog on Board, and I don’t think the publisher has any more either. If I or my photographer manage to come across a source we’ll let you know. Also if you do find a source elsewhere that has more copies than you need, please let me know.
      Thanks for your interest, Dorothy

      Dorothy Patent

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