It’s National Dog Day, a chance to celebrate our favorite animal companion.  Many shelters across America are celebrating this day by offering “specials” on adoptions.  And even if your local shelter isn’t into specials, today’s a day to consider making a new and very special friend.

ESidewalkDog3 ESidewalkDog2

Shelter dogs offer so many choices–if you live in the city and have only a little space, you can choose a short-legged friend who has to run to keep up with your walking.



A longer legged pet can join you on a run.  And you can choose from all sorts of colors–light or dark–and coat types–soft or wiry, long or short.  So, if you’ve been debating adding a dog to your family, visit your local animal shelter today and see if your canine soulmate is there waiting for you.

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