Would you like to write a story, but struggle to find the right words?

Here’s my husband Greg, gently telling his internal critic to be quiet and go away on vacation while he writes.  You can learn how to do this too and write great stories that influence other people in good ways.  I helped students in my October course “Write Your True Story,” and I plan to offer the course again in the future.  I know how to get around the internal critic, and I can help you achieve that goal, too.

You may not call that voice an internal critic, but you may feel you don’t know what to do when faced with a blank page. You may think that you can’t start writing until after you’ve washed the dishes, or mowed the lawn, or……..any one of a number of things.  But it’s all the same hesitation about plunging in and just writing!You can learn several ways to get past this problem and share your words the way you want to.

Stories are what move people, all kinds of stories. My book “Dogs on Duty: Soldiers’ Best Friends on the Battlefield and Beyond” is full of stories about brave dogs that helped our soldiers stay safe on the battlefield. Some are sad stories, some are happy stories, but they all helped the book win a dozen major awards from the American Library Association, International Reading Association, New York State Reading Association, the 2013 Best Children’s Books of the Year and more. And that’s just one example.

Turning Writing into Teaching

I’ve learned how to write confidently and naturally and how to edit and polish my work so my stories captivate readers. I’ve passed my methods on in courses at the Yellowstone Institute, the Osher Foundation program, and a number of retreat centers around the West.

Thanks to the internet, I can now help writers anywhere in the world, not just local people. Write Your True Voice was my first internet course, a small group gathering with me, like a small seminar course, with exercises and interactions, handouts and readings, everything designed to help writers create with words.  This class has been an energizing success for all involved, and I will offer it again in the future. Here’s what’s included in this course:

Online Course Topics

  • You’ll learn how to dodge those negative voices and make friends with your internal critic.
  • You’ll become more able to express yourself, to say what you want to say and let the world know your thoughts and ideas.
  • You’ll also learn techniques for editing your initial writing so you can feel confident that even if it sounds awkward at first, you can improve the writing and strengthen your message.

Questions? Email me at internalcriticdhp@gmail.com

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