I’ve written books for more than a dozen publishers, but here are those which have published my books in recent years and/or are working with now:

  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, has been publishing my nature books for more than 20 years, and they’ve always done a terrific job. I love the Scientists in the Field series, which takes readers on journeys into how field scientists learn about the subjects they investigate and use the information to advance science.  The Call of the Osprey and Saving the Tasmanian Devil are both in this series, along with many other books by various authors.
  • Web of Life Children’s Books publishes timeless picture books introducing children to the workings of the natural world. Keystone species are of special interest, and my upcoming book At Home With the Beaver: The Story of a Keystone Species, with gorgeous photos by Michael Runtz, will be published in September, 2019.
  • Bloomsbury is a general publisher of both adult and children’s books. They have published all my books with wonderful art by Kendahl Jan Jubb as well as several of my books with photographs by William Munoz, and When the Wolves Returned: Restoring Nature’s Balance in Yellowstone, about how a top predator can help heal an ecosystem, featuring photos by Dan Hartman.
  • Lerner Publishing focuses on books for schools and libraries. They have lots of series on animal and nature topics.
  • Scholastic publishes more than books like the Harry Potter series; it also has divisions that focus on nonfiction books, and they published “A Polar Bear Biologist at Work” and “Saving the Prairie Bandit,” the latter book about the black-footed ferret.