I love Nature, and sharing my curiosity with my readers. iNK! my group of nonfiction authors has dubbed me Nature’s Animal Ambassador. I love the title and this emblem, where I”m holding a baby Tasmanian devil I met while in Australia researching my book “Saving the Tasmanian Devil.”

The natural world is so amazing that I wanted to share it with young readers. My career writing about Nature for young readers allows me to visit scientists and their fascinating subjects, like this young Tasmanian devil.

Sadly, my dear friend and founder of iNK Think Tank, Vicki Cobb, passed away on Jan. 7. See the link below for my story about Vicki and me.

I also teach online and help other writers improve their work through editing. I ran my first online course in October and will teach more in the future. If you need help with your writing, contact me to see if I can be of aid.

~ Enjoy, Dorothy