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Do you struggle with getting into your writing?

Does a voice inside mock you and sabotage your efforts?

Would you like to learn ways to silence your pesky internal critic or mocking voice that says you are not a writer? I will share ways to handle such negative feelings and help you feel free to express yourself freely and naturally on the page.

Maybe you sometimes feel ‘stuck,’ and unable to explain your ideas clearly. I’ve been there too, and I’ve learned the hard way how to conquer my fears.

I’ve worked with other writers as well, both as critique group colleagues and as paying editorial clients, helping them solve their problems with clear and powerful writing.

Are you ready to free your writing voice? Now is the time!

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Dorothy answering questions after a class.

This course is live with career author Dorothy Hinshaw Patent!

Join me for three online 1 ½ hour sessions, Saturday Oct. 22, 29, and Nov. 5, 3-4:30pm Eastern, 1-2:30pm Mountain time, 12-1:30pm Pacific time.

Price: $497.

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This Course Offers

  • You’ll learn how to dodge those negative voices and make friends with your internal critic.
  • You’ll become more able to express yourself, to say what you want to say and let the world know your thoughts and ideas.
  • You’ll also learn techniques for editing your initial writing so you can feel confident that even if it sounds awkward at first, you can improve the writing and strengthen your message.

Bonuses for first time offering:

  • Free 20 minute individual consultation with Dorothy
  • Twenty minute personal evaluation for Dorothy of your course experience
  • Discount of $100 for Dorothy’s next course

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Comments from Dorothy’s Students

Here are some comments from my students–I know I can help you, too!

These from an official evaluation of my course from a Yellowstone Institute employee enrolled in “Finding Your Own Voice” to evaluate it:

“Dorothy is an excellent instructor. She is also a great facilitator.  She is really what made this course work. Gave us just enough freedom, with good challenges, and let people be themselves while drawing them out. The class overwhelmingly loved this course. I heard no complaint or criticisms, no regrets, only praise. I loved this course, and so did the other participants.

Other anonymous students also made comments:

Student: Dorothy was a gift. I am a writing instructor also, and she was just right.!!

Another student: Fabulous instructor!

Another student: Freeing experience

Yellowstone student directly to me:

Dorothy—I think you were such a great balance between head and heart! Thanks so much for the opportunity you afforded to all of us. I really needed to be there! Really needed to write & write, to cry, to laugh.

Thanks a ton!

My best, Becky

From an anonymous student in the University of Montana Osher Foundation course on the evaluation form:

Dorothy is a most accepting listener. She provides a most supportive and safe environment for neophytes to begin to write.


I hope to see you on October 22!

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