Do you want to write your stories, either personal or creative, but have trouble bringing out your truth in words? I’m passionate that everyone’s voice matters.  As the youngest child in the family, I too often felt patronized or unheard.  Yet I always knew I had important things to say. Things that mattered.

I invite you to join me online and learn how to free your own voice. I’ve developed ways to help people express themselves fearlessly in writing. I’ve successfully helped dozens of writers through workshops, retreats, and lifelong learning classes in person.  Sadly that limited my audience to locals and others who had time and money to travel. But no more. The internet frees us to communicate around the world using a computer and perhaps an alarm clock!

I’ll share my knowledge and help you free your self expression through my course “Writing Your True Voice.”  Here’s a sampling of comments from participants in my previous offerings:

Why would you recommend the course?

  • “Interesting, very interactive, fun!
  • “Good basic instruction in a comfortable,supportive setting”
  • “It has been lots of fun”

What did you find most useful?

  • “Reinforcement of positive concept to write without criticism”
  • “Knowledge of instructor–motivational–excited–passionate”
  • “Handouts, reading suggestions, writing in class, hearing others’ stories”
  • “I got good ideas for practicing the technical aspects of writing”

Sometimes I worked with my artist friend and colleague, Deborah MIlton. Here’s a sample from a workshop we did together, with sketching and a poem.  You can see how I feel about this particular invasive plant!

Dorothy’s knapweed sketch and poem






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